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The Way of Genki.



The Way of Genki.


Let your Journey
be your Legacy.


Hitotsu Kata. William Shibata. | Art by Rumi Hashimoto

a new chapter begins

This chapter of our story began on February 20, 2019. On that day, one year ago, my father and our beloved friend, crossed over.

It was on that day that those whom he loved stood by his side and together gave a final farewell. And, at that moment we knew our lives would forever be changed.

Will was a rock. He was soft spoken, well-respected and a constant reminder of what it meant to listen with kindness. He was focused and committed by nature, with an innate ability to create - through his gentle presence - the foundation for others to be their best selves.

Through his stories of growing up as a Japanese-American in post-WWII, he taught what it meant to respect ourselves and others with grace and humility.

Will lived with an unwavering sense of clarity and understood the fragility of life. Because of this, he spent his time creating a reverent environment and family spirit that would live on far beyond his years.

This was his legacy, and his legacy continues to live on.






Our Vision

This Genki Way signifies the diverse and individual path we walk in this life - a journey we know means something different to each of us. We all have the innate ability to live a life that is both healthy and meaningful. When we have the courage to walk this path, we are rewarded with an incessant joy, freedom and appreciation for all aspects of who we are and who we want to be.

The Genki Way reminds us that although our paths may look very different, we never walk this journey alone. It is our connection with friends, family and our community that enriches our lives in the most meaningful ways.




Creating our Legacy

Motivated by our life experiences and founded in our deep appreciation for native Japanese language and culture, our work is to share this invaluable knowledge with those interested in rediscovering their path to Genki.

We've already begun!



Legacy | Art by Rumi Hashimoto

"Genki Way is a community-inspired, transcultural, creative platform that combines online, self-study, experiential and group learning opportunities."

We look forward to sharing the path with you!